Simply Success Method Steps
The Simply Success Method has been used for over 10 years in our trainings and coaching. We've distilled the essence of what's necessary and what's not, so you can change with grace and ease.

Clearing Image

When we want to plant flowers, we must first weed the garden. Same for humans to grow.

Clearing works by clearing up the layers of emotions around a particular topic or situation, such as negelect or even abuse. The subconconscious doesn't understand time, to it, everything is now.

Yet our subconscious beliefs create the world we live in: take for example someone who had an experience of near drowning, maybe today they are very fearful of water, but the water is neutral, plenty of people enjoy swimming.

We know we are in good shape when we can look back at a situation and it no longer triggers us.

Clarity Image

Without Clarity how will you know where to go? What to do?

What inspires you? What drives you? What helps you make good choices in life? Clarity of purpose.

Part of the Simply Success Steps is a process for clarity, to find your llife's mission. it only takes about half an hour, yet it can transform your sense of purpose.

The first key to self awareness is the ability to reflect on our actions, to introspect.

Consistency Image

Just like the sea will eventually wear down the hardest rock, consistent action breaks down all limitations

Perhaps for most people, consistency of action is the hardest to do. It certainly was for the creator of the Simply Success Method.

Why is that? Why do we find consistent action so hard? Maybe because we want instant results in a world where that doesn't happen.

For sure, if you take no action, your world will be at the whims and fancy of the circumstance, your ability to steer your own ship, will not exist. Yet, with the tiny amount of action, we can work miracles, for example, rowing a boat takes much less energy than carrying the boat, yet for many people they insist on carrying a perfectly good row boat, which could take them across the river to their ideal life.

Part of the Simply Success Steps is a process with goals, dates and dreams attached, to help you move forward faster in your life, then you ever thought possible

Compassion Image

Humans respond best to love and compassion. Why? Because it's the essence of the Universe.

Deep down, every creature wants to be loved and cherish. Even cockroaches. Every other living and non-living being on this planet is the product of same evolutionary forces that 4.3 billion years later have lead to us. All of us.

Who are we to determine who is worthy or not of love and kindess? As the old saying goes, kindness and compassion are free, yet they give so much, not only to the receiver, but to the giver as well, since it has been shown in study after study that happy humans are healthy humans.

Closely linked to compassion is gratitude

Change Image

Change is an inevitable result of folowing the perivous 4 steps.

As a global society, we are addicted to instant gratifcation. Yet, life has seasons, they is no point in asking for summer during winter. Each transition has a purpose.

With a small amount of patience and humour, we can traverse the turbulent rivers to reach our ideal life.

In life change is the one constant. We grow older, new inventions change the world, economies shift, we can't step in the same river twice.

The beauty of this process, is that change into your ideal life (or better) is a guaranteed outcome. Will you have adverse moments? Of course, it's how we handle them. This process if you follow it even partly, will give you a better, richer perspective on the magic of your existence.